The Assassination Of Paris Hilton

The Assassination Of Paris Hilton
Assembly@George Street (Venue 3)
3 stars ***

IN THE LADIES’ TOILETS at the Assembly Rooms, something is stirring.  Doors slam, wafts of designer perfume fill the air, in one of the cubicles someone is vomiting noisily after an excess of drink and drugs; and in front of the mirrors, pairs of gorgeous girls pout and back-comb, touch up their lippy, and adjust their boob-tubes.  But this is no ordinary Saturday-night scenario; because these girls are guests or gatecrashers at a serious celebrity party, and two of them are planning – out of envy, disgust or rage – to assassinate the hotel heiress and celebrity-mag diva Paris Hilton, who is expected any minute.

Delivered by Racked Theatre of London in 20-minutes of high-octane, top-decibel drama, Megan Ford’s play is less about celebrity than its title might suggest; in the end, it seems to be about unrequited love, and the desperate need for would-be assassin Maggie to win a place in the heart of Saffron, whom she adores.   But if the play seems slightly unsure about its focus, it still bursts with talent, potential and energy, and leaves Its 20-strong audience – crammed in at either end of the smallest room – gasping for breath. Racked have left a vivid calling-card on the Edinburgh Fringe, in other words; and my guess is that we’ll be hearing from them again.

Joyce McMillan
Until 30 August
p. 180


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