3D Hamlet – A Lost Generation

3D Hamlet: A Lost Generation
theSpaces on the Mile (Venue 39b)
3 stars ***

IF ATTENTION-GRABBING gimmicks were stars and awards, then this ambitious New York show, crammed into a tiny space at the Radisson Hotel, would be one of the most celebrated shows in Edinburgh this year. Ruthlessly cut to just sixty minutes, this brisk version of Hamlet for our time features video footage of politicians and power-brokers in full flow, a rotating cast of actors which this week includes the legendary Linda Marlowe, filmed sequences featuring actors as famous as Alex Baldwin, who plays the Ghost, and a selective use of 3D goggles, which give the audience a special perspective on the filmed version of the Mousetrap play, in which Hamlet tries to catch the conscience of his murderous uncle.

In the end, though, Shakespeare is all about the actor and the poetry; and although this Fundamental Theater Project company make a decent job of presenting the highlights of Shakespeare’s drama, and emphasising the alienation of a younger generation from the corruption and power-hunger of their elders, it’s difficult to perceive it as much more than a drastically cut rep theatre production of a very familiar play, dressed up with layers of trickery that, in the end, add surprisingly little to the story.

Joyce McMillan
Until 27 August
p. 303



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