I Guess If The Stage Exploded


I Guess If The Stage Exploded
2 stars **
Summerhall (Venue 26)

Sylvia Rimat is a performer with a gift for off-the-wall stand-up comedy, who somehow finds herself trapped in the infinitely pretentious and self-obsessed world of post-graduate creative performance. In I Guess If The Stage Exploded, her main aim – expressed with a pleasing air of laid-back irony – is to explore the human power of memory, and to offer up various mental tricks that might make us remember her show.

In fact, there’s not much chance of forgetting two key visual elements of it, the large dark-red lampshade under which Sylvia spends most of her time, and the beautiful eagle owl which she brings on stage, as a symbol of memory and wisdom. But if she is really keen to create a show worth remembering, she could try this; she could remove her gaze from her own creative navel, distance herself from all those young creatives hanging around Tempelhof airfield in Berlin recording videos of each other, and try telling a story that matters, with a degree of craft and artistry that might make people want to listen.

Joyce McMillan
Until 24
p. 291



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