Broken Dolls

Broken Dolls (Razbitye Kuklu)
2 stars **
C cubed  (Venue 16)

IN THIS INTENSE and well-intentioned piece of journalistic theatre, the young Patere Theatrum company of New York deal with a subject – the trafficking of young women from eastern Europe into western cities – which has been the subject of many Fringe shows over the last decade, and has also become one of the voyeuristic obsessions of television and film drama across the west.

Broken Dolls tells the story of Narcisa, tricked into leaving her home in Moldova to become a prostitute in Germany, and of the rape, violence and bullying she endures, notably at the hands of her horrible pimp, Milos.  Despite an impressive leading performance from Ilona Saic as Narcisa, though, Peter Kelley’s   production seems theatrically hesitant; and Matthew Ackland’s script struggles to add anything new to our understanding of a situation which drama repeatedly describes, but seems powerless to alter.

Joyce McMillan
Until 25
p. 287



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