Angel In The Abattoir

Angel In The Abattoir
2 stars **
Gilded Balloon (Venue 14)

THE COMBINATION of performer Phil Nichol and writer Dave Florez has produced some excellent work in the past, winning a Fringe First award four years ago for the fierce monologue Somewhere Beneath It All A Small Fire Burns Still.

This time around, though, the partnership seems to misfire slightly, with a solo show full of sound and fury, but wildly unconvincing and overpitched in its account of the doomed relationship between Angel, a boy from a migrant family trying to make a life in Edinburgh, and Lorna, the beautiful class bad girl, whose father turns out to be an abusively corrupt cop. Among other things, the script lacks cultural precision, as if it had been uprooted from one setting and misplaced into another; and though Nichol’s performance is full of energy, it never quite succeeds in catching what deeper resonances there may be, in a script that would need a particularly nuanced and understated performance, in order to work at all.

Joyce McMillan 
Until 31
p. 294
ENDS ENDS       


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