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All my writing on theatre and general social/political issues is available online here.

Everything on the site appears in date order, below, beginning with the most recent column or review.  Most of these pieces are commissioned by, and first appear in, The Scotsman. Ultimate ownership of copyright remains with me, and is asserted here.

If you want to search the site for something specific, type your key word(s) into the space on the right, and press return.

To come back to this main page at any time, just click on “joyce mcmillan – online” at the very top of the page. Enjoy!

© Joyce McMillan 2011

3 responses to “Joyce McMillan online…

  1. Dear Joyce,

    Mient Jan Faber and I are admiring your website, but are unable to find your email address. Could you get back to me, please?


    Miriam Struyk (from good old hCa time)

  2. Joyce

    I wish to thank you for your recent reviews.

    I always take care to watch shows before reading reviews and I have been very surprised by the fact that recently your reviews have mirrored my own experiences, perhaps with more eloquence, and fewer words admittedly.

    I don’t know if you have always been right and I have never noticed, or if this is a sign that I am getting older, either way I am grateful to see such a distinctive, authoritative and respected voice working so hard to see the shows that matter and give an honest and informed view of work.

    Thank you


  3. Regarding the devomax choice not being on the referendum ballot: Would it be possible, legally, to organise a ‘people’s poll’ on the same day, possibly across the street from every polling place in the country, where people could turn up, show their poll card, and register a vote for the obviously nationally preferred option? This would, naturally, be challenged as invalid by all the entrenched political gangs, but might reveal to them that neither Westminster or Holyrood are behaving like government sof the people by the people and for the people at the moment.

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