Quality Control

Quality Control
Underbelly (Venue 61)
2 stars **

THERE IS A PLAY  ABOUT TWO Glasgow men with partners, having affairs on the side – one with another woman, the other with a young man.  There is the crayon factory where the two abused lovers work; and there are the dreams and nightmares that accompany the two doomed relationships, affectingly played out on a set that takes a few pieces of domestic plumbing – a bath, two washbasins – and maroons them in space.

Then there is the play about Quality Control, a shouty, aimless satire which involves a man dressed as giant crayon giving what is possibly the single worst performance on the Fringe.  If promising young Glasgow group proudExposure had stuck to the first play, they would have had a good three-star show on their hands.  But as it is – well, no.

Joyce McMillan
Until 29 August


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